Interactive Kiosks

Our interactive kiosks offer an engaging and dynamic experience while delivering up-to-date and reliable information to your target audience. Customizable components and hardware mean you no longer have to compromise on brand standards! Unlike other kiosks, ours is backed by a scalable cloud-based architecture coupled with a user-friendly vendor management portal, giving you access to innovative reporting tools needed to get the most out of your network implementation.

Backed by our innovative platform

Our fully automated management portal gives you the ability to dynamically place advertising, track inventory, access real-time viewership and demographic analytics, plus take advantage of unparalleled back-end support.

To learn more about our cloud-based architecture and vendor management portal, click here.


On-board camera equipped with facial detection software Intel AIM gathers real-time demographics.
Integrated magnetic card reader accepts credit cards, rewards cards, hotel keys, and more.
Through the built-in printer customers can instantly take away tickets vouchers, restaurant confirmations, directions, and more.
Large-scale HD touchscreen display gives your customers the technology they have come to expect.

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